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Salon Changes effective October 1, 2022

Dear Client, We are all aware of the rising costs throughout the country due to inflation. As a small business owner, I have prayed about what I should do to keep my salon doors open and clients happy. I have researched many options, cut overhead as much as possible, and refrained from increasing salon prices. Therefore, I would like to give clients several options in managing their salon budget.    New policy changes listed below will take effect October 1, 2022.   * Salon Services will NOT increase when paying with cash. (Since we are a small business and do not...

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PSST... Salon will be closed on Saturday April 23, 2022.

Come visit E1Body & Soul and our new Financial Coaching Services this Saturday, April 23 (10 AM -9 PM) & Sunday, April 24th (12 PM -6 PM) at Hamilton Place Mall! Shop early for Christmas, Birthdays, Wedding, or just treat yourself during our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE!  Items will be $6.00 each or 2 / $10.00 this weekend only!  (Taxes are included in price. Financial books are excluded).  E1Body & Soul will donate 10% of sales to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). #weneedacure #T1DMom Sign up to win door prizes! PSST... Salon will be closed on Saturday April 23, 2022. Our table will be located...

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BEAUTY E1body & soul e1bodyandsoul natural beauty products Sale Shop online

MASSIVE BLOWOUT SALE! BUY ITEM - GET FREE! Purchase 1 item from our Closeout Deals or Wet Brush Detangler Collection, then receive another item FREE from our Closeout Deals or Wet Brush Detangler Collection! - Mix or Match *Place both items in cart, APPLY CODE: "FREE-ITEM" at checkout. The cart will then deduct the lesser item for free. USE CODE: "FREE-ITEM" at checkout. Link below adds discount code to your cart

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Attention Clients:

03/08/2022 Attention Client, Many households and businesses are struggling right now, and I have prayed about whether I should raise my prices in the salon. I am a firm believer that those who make sacrifices for their community will be blessed in return. I am currently cutting my salon’s overhead costs, closing the online store 💔 (July 2022), and cutting my family’s budget to prolong a salon price increase on services. (I cannot control retail price on products. Those are regulated by the manufacture). In consideration of the sacrifices I am making, I am encouraging clients to pay with cash...

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Question that many are asking ...

Chattanooga e1bodyandsoul e1bodynsoul giving back news

I would like to take this time to address a question that many are asking.....

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