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Question that many are asking ...

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I would like to take this time to address a question that many are asking.
→ “Am I giving up the hair profession to do financial coaching?”
The answer is: NO.
E1Body & Soul will always be my first ❤️, and financial coaching will be part time.
*Covid has changed everyone’s’ life. These past couple of years have been a whirlwind. Many of us have lost income, changed jobs, and pursued passions that laid dormant within us. These circumstances have made us rethink our lifestyles and we are still recovering.
However, we can always find blessings in the most difficult times.
The salon and online store have been slower than usual, therefore, I found time to enroll in the “Financial Coaching Master Training Course.” Helping people with their finances has been a passion of mine for many years.
I am now honored to acquire the training to help others go from struggling - to comfortable. Yep, I’ve been there! Struggling financially is SUFFOCATING!
God has given me the talent to help people feel beautiful and now He has shown me the way to help others succeed financially.
→ To my friends, family, and clients, thank you for constantly supporting me, for challenging me in my personal and professional skills, being my source of motivation, and to help me believe that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. I am SO grateful and humbled to have people in my life like you! Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement are always appreciated and never goes unnoticed.
Please keep showing the love by following our new Facebook page at Financial Coach - Debbie Moorefield. 💕
E1Body & Soul
(Debbie Moorefield)

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