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MKS eco for Men Beard Oil  - 2oz

MKS eco for Men Beard Oil - 2oz

$ 23.99

MKS eco for Men Beard Oil - 2oz

Whether groomed close or big and bold, you and your beard will feel “imperial” with our nutrient-rich Hemp Seed and Argan Oils combined with emollient ingredients to make your beard touchable and your skin feel great. Natural Ingredients are made for real men.

What It Does:
• Calms and controls “wild hair” by making hair more pliable
• Softens and adds moisture to the beard and skin
• Adds shine for a healthier look
• Smells great!

Why It Works:
• Enhances the natural moisture factor and feel of the hair with natural Argan and Hemp Seed oils.
• Special conditioners add shine, flexibility, and moisture.
• Marrakesh for Men’s special masculine fragrance.

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