BODIPURE KERATIN GLOVES , All In One Hand Treatment (Single use)

$ 3.99


  • Reinforces the protective outer layer
  • Protects your healthy skin, guarding against damaging heat, chemicals or friction
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Increases skin hydration


Nail Strengthening: Deep Moisturization Copaiba Oil : Antiseptic / Anti-fungus / Anti-inflammatory Vitamin E : Anti-aging / Antioxidant Lipex Preact : UV ProtectionSAVES TIME & MONEY One pouch of Keratin Gloves provides perfectly prepared hands. It eliminates the need for massage lotion and cuticle oil, making it quicker and cost-effective. ALL-IN-ONE & WATERLESS No soaking No extra cuticle oil No extra massage cream Everything you need for polish preparation is included in the simple but complete pouch.