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Salon Changes effective October 1, 2022

Dear Client,

We are all aware of the rising costs throughout the country due to inflation. As a small business owner, I have prayed about what I should do to keep my salon doors open and clients happy. I have researched many options, cut overhead as much as possible, and refrained from increasing salon prices. Therefore, I would like to give clients several options in managing their salon budget.


 New policy changes listed below will take effect October 1, 2022.


* Salon Services will NOT increase when paying with cash. (Since we are a small business and do not keep a lot of cash on hand - no bills over 20 will be accepted. Services listed in our brochure and website are cash prices).


* We are excited to offer a new in-person payment called “Afterpay” on salon orders $200.00 or greater!” (Afterpay is a buy now - pay later program, with 0% interest offered to those that qualify. Application approval is required with afterpay. Please read terms/conditions on the Afterpay app or You will need the smartphone app to pay with Afterpay).


* There will be an additional 4% service charge on all card transactions, and a 7% service charge on payments made with a smartphone app. (This pertains to In-salon purchase only. What payment types are accepted? Call 423.227.2837).


* E1Body & Soul Online Store will remain open! (We are now accepting PayPal and Amazon Pay at ecommerce store).


* E1Body & Soul does not determine retail product map pricing. The brands determine that. E1Body & Soul cannot guarantee retail product prices will not increase.


Salon service prices have not increased in 7 years and prior to Covid, salon product retail sales helped profit margins. However, product sales and salon services are at a low. I am confident these options will have the least impact on our clients while keeping the salon doors open during these difficult times.

 Thank you for supporting E1Body & Soul.

I appreciate each and every one of YOU!

Sincerely, Debbie Moorefield

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